The Fountain of Youth

Next to this magnificent fountain is a sign which reads "THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH", and many people pilgrimage here to dip and dunk and slather themselves in its water in the hope of being transformed. And indeed they are - only not in the way they expected, for during the Great Crocodile Storm of '78, where a tornado hit a nearby Crocodile Health Retreat, a rather well proportioned (flying) crocodile by the name of Kevin - still drinking his power smoothie - smashed half the sign to smithereens. The sign should actually read "THE FOUNTAIN OF YOU THINK YOU'RE A SLUG" and the waters do have this effect. At times, the local council has considered restoring the sign, but are always won over by the comedic value of seeing streams of vain people slithering away from the fountain on the hunt for cabbage leaves.

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