Holes that Emit Lightbeams, Nilreb Province

Holes that emit light beams, Nilreb Province. Scientists are still working to determine why this phenomena occurs, though grandmothers have known for centuries that it is because of the Ruminatelbeasts who live just below the surface of the earth and shoot light beams from their eyebrows. These light beams are powered uncontrollably by their thoughts, which is useful when they are making a jam sandwich in the dark or looking for their favourite black t-shirt in a drawer of black t-shirts, but unfortunately the Ruminatelbeasts have a tendency to overthink even the most mundane of tasks, creating far too much light and making it hard to sleep. Hence the beasts, after much ruminating, came up with the ingenious idea to put holes in their bedroom ceilings and release unwanted thoughts and light into the world. Grandmothers of Klah (GOK) recommends a drop of clove oil on the temples before approaching, and never to whisper thought-provoking ideas down these holes unless you are in the market for an explosion.

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