The Wisp of Cloud and the Patch of Sand, a (potential) Love Story

In Iffleclop Bay, South Klah, there is a cloud that has fallen in love with a patch of sand. Locals say the lovecloud first appeared during the storm of 1982, and has remained hovering there ever since. The cloud himself describes it as "love at first sight". "I'm a cloud of the world," he says, "and I've seen a lot of sand in my time. I've never thought much of it, seemed a bit much like clouds really, always shifting shiftily about and can't keep itself together. But the moment I saw this patch I knew it was different from the others. Something about the way it sat there, golden, radiant, santabulous. I knew it was for me. The one. And even though I'm not much to look at, just a wispy fellow, I haven't been asked to move on, and that my friends is true love." The sand has declined to comment, or at least, didn't respond to us when we tried.

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