Brian Bird-Lion

Brian had always felt an affinity with birds. This was probably because Brian, although obviously part-lion, had himself hatched from an egg. The egg had been resting all alone in a nest - not of twigs and moss and sticks, but of matted golden fur much like his own mane. After he had emerged from the egg, quite quickly, thanks to his lion claws, he looked around but could not find any sign of a jubilant parent, or even a note welcoming him to the world, so he climbed awkwardly down the tree and set out for life, which was fortunately signposted. He soon discovered that when he encountered birds, a curious energy was created between them, and sometimes nearby objects would begin to fly, or sing sweet songs, or start to forage for crumbs. One time a letterbox burst into song and became a local attraction, and a whole town sprung up around it with lodgings with great names like The Sing Inn, although of course it never happened again. In the meantime Brian realised he had never met a lion, and wondered what would happen if he did?