Mervyn Sagetusk, Esteemed Wisehog

In most countries an elite taxi service is one which offers polished gold handles, darkened, identity discreet windows and a special microphone to talk to the driver (who has tassels on his shoulders and a thin moustache). The elite taxi service of Klah, however, contains none of these things - in fact there are no handles, windows, microphones or tassels whatsoever, and any moustaches are normally thick and curly. The Klah taxi service is run by a highly professional outfit called Feathered Flights, who guarantee speed, comfort, great views, and the ability to fight off angry sparrows with a mere swipe of their powerful wings. Here, a Feathered Flights staff member transports one of the Kingdom’s most celebrated wisehog mentors to speak at a convention. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of even a short conversation with a wisehog will know they are, as the name suggests, the epitome of wise. It is well known that the longer their tusks, the wiser they are, and Mervyn Sagetusk (pictured) is greatly respected for sporting some of the most magnificent and astute ivories Klah has ever seen - he once famously advised Lady Battibus that she was not actually a praying mantis, almost certainly saving her husband’s life. For information on Mr Sagetusk’s upcoming lectures, visit: