The Scentipede

Perfumus hatticus, commonly known as the Scentipede, is one of the most prized native creatures in Klah, for not only do they have comical expressions and miniature hats, their tail flowers are highly sought after by luxury perfumers. The scentipede is frequently seen on stilts, as most scentipedes, as well as requiring a large number of shoes, have an irrational fear of shoe shop assistants. Using stilts increases the lifespan of their footwear (not to mention makes their legs look much more elegant). This has led to the best perfumers of Klah also becoming exceptionally skilled in the art of stilt-making, as they trade them for the scentipedes precious flowers. Historically it was believed that carrying a sprig of the tail flowers close to your heart - or better still a whole scentipede - endowed you with magnificent conversational powers. Due to their value, whole scentipedes were generally reserved for royalty alone, who would stroll around the gardens with them conversing about taxes and table manners and Things of Great Royalty. This is most likely where the pompous scentipedes developed their (slightly over-inflated) sense of class.